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  • KINETICO reserves the right to limit the number of active memberships. Not complying with KINETICO rules & regulations will automatically revoke member with no Refund.
  • Boys of any age are not allowed to enter Kinetico Center.
  • No admittance in the Fitness Center/Fitopia Program without full payment and Registration Forms signed.
  • No admittance in classes without a valid membership card/ valid Fitopia registration..
  • Member must check in, at front desk, by presenting membership card.
  • Cameras/ Recording Devices are not allowed in Kinetico premises.
  • Mobile phones are to be used ONLY in the cafeteria and/or front desk zone.
  • Personal belongings are not allowed in studios (i.e: bags, abaya, ect)
  • Kinetico is not responsible for stolen or lost items left unattended. Lockers are available to all members and students. Members/Students are to bring own padlock. Lockers are not to be used overnight.
  • Member/Students must wear proper training attire prior entering training session.
  • Tardiness will result in no admittance into classes
  • Member will be charged in full for any appointment not cancelled 24 hour prior to scheduled time.
  • Member shall hold a personal updated insurance coverage.
  • Schedules, due to reasons beyond our control, are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Trainers, due to reasons beyond our control, are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Membership’s fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Only Fitopia students fully registered in the Fitopia Academy are allowed within KINETICO premises.
  • Fitopia Students must present a birth certificate or valid ID to complete registration.
  • Fitopia Class placement done according to students’ age as per January.
  • Fitopia Parents are not allowed to enter any studios while class in progress.
  • Nannies are not allowed in the center and/or in standby on Kinetico parking lot / Front Door.
  • Fitopia Students will be dismissed, with no refund, in the case of: Disrespectful behavior with management, trainers, staff or peers, as well as adopt an offensive behavior in the center, or degrade property.
  • Fitopia Students will be dismissed, with no refund, if her Guardian, member of her family, nanny and/or any representative display disrespectful behavior with management, trainers, or staff as well as adopt an offensive behavior in the center, or degrade property.
  • Not complying with Kinetico rules and regulations will dismiss students from Fitopia Academy with no refund.
  • Fitopia  Students must wear coded training attire prior entering classes (to purchase @ K-Boutique)
  • No make-up sessions for missed classes. No refund due to absenteeism.
  • Fitopia Students are expected to be at the center no more and no later than 15 minutes prior and after class.
  • Fitopia Students can standby in cafeteria. Hallways, lockers and/or studios are not standby zones.
  • Recital participation is not mandatory. Students can choose to participate or not with parental consent.
  • Fitopia Students are eligible for Recital participation if records indicate 85% of yearly attendance.
  • Fitopia Students must participate to all scheduled rehearsals to remain eligible to Annual Recital.
  • Recital Costumes are mandatory. Recital Costumes purchase is parent’s responsibility and may be costly.
  • Recital Costumes fee is not refundable and not transferable.
  • One Free Ticket per family enrolled in the program.
  • Any recording devices including cell phones are strictly prohibited in theatre during rehearsals and Recital.
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