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" Inspire your inner athlete…let us show you what your body could do if you let it. Welcome to Kinetico."

AEROBLAST™: Cardio burning fat workout delivers in a simple format.

ANTIGRAVITY®: The original ANTIGRAVITY®FITNESS offers its classes @ KINETICO official licensed center. ANTIGRAVITY®FITNESS, created by Christopher Harrison, is a unique program that fuses various techniques. You can register for classes such as AG Fundamentals, AG Aerial Yoga, AG Suspension Fitness, AG Pilates, and/or AG Restorative. Revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and re-aligning the body from head to toe, ANTIGRAVITY®FITNESS offers simple inversions to more advanced and challenging poses. Our ANTIGRAVITY® Hammock to lift you off the ground!

BODYBALANCE™: Yoga-TaiChi,-Pilates based workout that builds flexibility and strength, leaving you centred and calm.

BODYBAR®: Safe and effective classes combining traditional moves with the latest trends to develop a lean and symmetrical musculature. The Body Bar® classes will be offered in different formats.

BODYCOMBAT - Lesmills ultimate warrior workout. Strike! Punch! Kick and Kata your way through this superior cardio fitness class.

BODYPUMP™: Strength workout that offers you the fastest way to tone and condition your entire body. “Freedom to load” varies on the results you came for.

BODYSTEP™: Energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Cardio blocks pushing fat burning followed by muscle conditioning tracks will shape and tone your body.

CXWORX - Revolutionary Core Training - Lesmills Cxworx will help you stand stronger. No ordinary workout, Cxworx hits your core in 30min.

DFINE™: is your stability ball workout that tones your entire body and strengthens your core while challenging your balance. Time dedicated to relaxation will end the session.

EASYLINE™: Cardio-strength circuit that improves overall fitness level. 9 strength stations & 9 cardio stations guarantee high rate of calorie expenditure and valuable strength training.

GLIDING™: Exercises allowing graceful yet athletic movements that tone and sculpt lean-looking legs, shape inner-outer thighs, trim hips and firm buns. The secret is its innovating sliding motion that engages, strengthens and lengthens your muscles while increasing range of motion.

PILATES MVE CHAIRTM: Raise the bar in your Pilates training with our Peak Pilate MVE Chair workouts! Challenge your core and flexibility like you never did before!

PILATES MAT A blend of strenght & flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long - lean muscles.

PILATES REFORMER - Group reformer class will challenge you using a spring - controlled resistance aparatus to build core strenght, increase flexibility, endurance and condition. Create a strong yet flexible body.

SPINNING®: The Original group cycling training offers its classes at Kinetico, official Spinning® license center. Spinning®, with its multitude ride types, is an unmatched way to make any fitness goals a reality.

STEP™: Classes are high energy yet low impact workouts adapted for all fitness levels. Step classes define and tighten lower body muscles while burning fat. STEP classes will be offered in different formats.

TRX: Change the way you train! Use TRX revolutionary suspension system! Come and train like an athlete.

XTREME CORE™: Cutting edge workout designed to sculpt lean abs. Tone and shape your core with these effective moves while intensity will be recommended by the trainer according to your fitness level!

ZUMBA™: Join the party! Mambo, Reggaeton and Merengue inspired, Zumba™ is the new trend in aerobic exercise. Always, paired with pulsating Latin rhythms, blocks are original yet accessible choreographies not only sizzling but energetic!

HIIT CYCLING: Indoor cycling re-invented. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. The best part? We do it together, as a community. With inspirational coaching, rockstar music, and a full body workout (we've added hand weights work!), this 45-minute class will transform the way you look and feel. Get ready for fat-burning cardio!

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